Metadata Issue

Hello Sir,

I am having an issue when downloading the metadata through selecting media attachements, new export then download. I keep getting a zip file which is empty and a total size of 22bytes only.

Username - xxxxxxx
Project Name - Survey Questionnaire - Caritas Syria

I am seeking your kind assistance as we are seeing some weird trends and need to access metadata to audit it.

Best Regards


@AWO, what is the metadata that you wish to download that is not downloading at your end?

I was trying to access the audit files for the project, after some research I found a similar topic attending to my request and apparently we have assumed that the audit option is automatically enabled with each project but that was not the case unfortunately. Accordingly we have amended the project file by enabling the audit option and redeployed the project last night.

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Yes, you will need to activate them from both your account as well as Collect android app setting. Missing either should affect your metadata.