Miss answers for required questions

i do a kobo form that has 2 questions ( required answer = true)
but when i download data i find some submissions that have no answers !!!
what is the problem?

Hi @rahhal,

This generally happens when you remove some existing questions from a deployed survey form and then redeploy it. e.g. say you have a survey form named Test. You have 3 questions in it (name, age and sex). You deployed them and started collecting data. You have completed say 15 interviews and have uploaded the data to the server. All of a sudden you wish to remove the question age from the Test survey form. You edit the survey form (by deleting the age question) and then redeploy the survey form Test. You successfully complete another 5 interviews and submit them to the server.

So now when you download the data form the Test survey project, the check button Include fields from all ... deployed versions is by default selected which you should see under the DATA>Downloads as shown in the image below:


Please note that 2 here shows the number of times you have redeployed your survey project. If you have deployed your survey form for the first time it should be 1. If you have redeployed the next time it should be 2. This number keeps increasing with the number of times you press REDEPLOY.

Based on the example provided above, you should now see the statistics of your downloaded data something as below:

Total submission: 20
Variable name, sex: should have all 20 submissions filled up
Variable age: should have only 15 submissions filled up

This is because you redeployed the survey form by deleting the variable age.

For details, you could also have a closer look at the support article Recovering data from previous form versions. It should help you understand the issue further better.

Have a great day!

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