Missing data collection

Hello koboToolbox family
I notice that when filling out the form, some data is missing. Indeed, the collecting agent informs the sex of the interviewee (male or female). But when he submits the form to the server, and I check if all the data is correctly entered, I often realize that the sex (male or female) in single choice has not filled in (checked). I have to do this on enketo for modification. But what is worrying is that I notice that in the analysis of the data (with excel analyzer) the question concerning the sex of the interviewee (man or woman) does not give a total of 100%, since on some Forms These data, although filled in by the collector, are missing during transmission.

My question is how to find a solution to this type of problem? (missing data)

And what will cause this?

Thank you again for this distance training that you brought me.

Have a good day

Hi @esy_cari2020,

As a backup reference would you mind downloading your data in the xls version and see discrepancies as reported.

Kindly please let us know if the issue still persists.

Have a great day!

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