Missing data in downloaded file but available in server

Dear All

Please I need urgent help. I developed a form that had repeated group and it was changed to do not repeat group, but when I downloaded the data today using XLS and discovered the data collected after the form was edited to not repeat group has that group’s data missing even though in the server the data is showing all data.

Please urgent help in solving this challenge. Thank you!.

@ace_mel, have you gone through our support article Recovering Data From Previous Form Versions. It should solve your issue.

@ace_mel, could you let me know the variable that is missing while downloading as XLS format?

It’s all the questions that were grouped

Could you share with me the variable name from the image that you shared at the top?

First name; Surname; Gender,

Could you share with me the following through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

I have sent the details

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@ace_mel, seems like you kept these variables under a repeat group. When doing so, you will see the information in the next sheet as shown in the image shared below:


Yes, that’s true…but the information that is missing is not the ones that were captured in the second sheet…

There is still some information missing. I have sent you a private message

I have seen your response, but I want you to check for variable name RMA filter Precious Kamvaunamwali, you will notice the data in server but when in the download its not there.

@ace_mel, I can see your data under the RMA variable even while downloading it as XLS format: