Mobile phone panels: only show respondents that still need to be called

Hi there,

We are planning on using Kobo for a mobile phone panel project, drawing on a list of phone numbers (and other respondent data) that was gathered previously.

The interviewers will sit behind a PC in an office with stable internet, select a respondent from a drop-down, call the number that appears from a screen (phone number and other respondent data is pulled in from a csv into the form), and enter data. So far so good.

However, one of the main issues we ran into when using Kobo in similar set-ups, is that respondents who have already been called, do not disappear from the drop-down list that the interviewer see - as that list is static.

You can see how, with several hundreds of respondents, and a room full of interviewers placing calls at the same time, this is bound to create problems. Ideally, the list of respondents that interviewers can chose from should thus contain only those who have not yet been reached. A successful interview should lead to that respondent being ‘removed’ from the list.

Any pointers of how this could be solved in Kobo are much appreciated!


Hi @vonengelhardt,

Sorry to inform you that KoBoToolbox at the moment does not support this feature. However, if you wish you could record a new features request here.

Have a great day!

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Ok, thanks for this.

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