Modify link of deployed form

We had deployed a form earlier:

But unfortunately the team deleted the form by mistake.

We have redeployed a new form with same format:

is there a possibility to change the link of the new form so that it reflects old form link.
Ex: Change #wkfXXdbH to #KRi0jbr9 in the link of new deployed form.

Quick reply would be appreciated.

Prateek Kumar

Hi @prat8829,

Kindly please be informed that the survey link you initially deployed is for a survey project say Project A and the survey link you redeployed is from Project B.

So changing #wkfXXdbH to #KRi0jbr9 will not solve your issue as you have already accidentally deleted the survey project associated to the project database.

In this case, you should see an error message Submission service on data server not found. (404) as shown in the image below:


Have a great day!

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