Modifying a submission with a CSV preload

Hi there,

When you try to modify online a submission of a form that has used the CSV preload feature you can not (probably because these forms are not Enketo compatible).

I am working with KOBO Humanitarian response.

We are working with a lot of surveys with CSV preload and it’s very disrupting because sometimes you just need to modify a date or another field that has nothing to do with the CSV preloaded fields but you cannot on KOBO.

It would be great to be able to open the submission and perhaps just have the CSV preloaded field in grey as not modifiable (why not with a message “this field uses the CSV preload function which is not compatible with Enketo” or something of the sort”)

In case it is not possible, on deploying a form with a CSV preload, a message should appear for the user telling him that he will not be able to modify his data later on as his form is not compatible with this feature.

The best case scenario being of course that Enketo become compatible with the CSV preload function but that is another topic

Thanks to take this into account :slight_smile: