Multi-Country Survey - Online-Only Single Submission

Hi, I’m preparing a sub-regional/multi-country COVID-19 survey. It will cover 13 countries.

I need to carry out analysis both at sub-regional and country levels.

It will be online-only single submission and respondents should be able to accomplish the survey using either their phones, tablets or laptops.

How do I initiate this? Is it as simple as making respondents select his/her country during the first question? And then I will be able to sort all other responses per country later on?

Sorry if this sounds too ignorant.

Grateful for any advice.



could you provide an additional information:

  • Can you trust that the respondent chooses the correct country?
  • About how many respondents do you have per country? One?
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Thanks for your questions.

The activity will be a convenience sampling survey of agriculture households across 13 countries.

yes, there will be the assumption that the respondent can be trusted to choose the correct country.

In terms of the number of respondents per country: as many as possible. The ministries of agriculture, NGOs, CBOs, CSOs and other development partners will be asked to snow ball the survey link through their various networks.

I hope this clarifies.

Thanks again,


Hi @roberto_DRM,

Regarding your query:

Yes, you are able to collect your data as stated. You could later view the results by grouping the responses as outlined in the support article Viewing and Creating Custom Reports.

Have a great day!

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thanks so much for your reply. appreciated.

stay safe!