Multiple select variables

I am a novice in Kobo, and self taught. I have managed to created my form in kobo and even shared it among few colleagues. I have data now, my problem now is how to analyse, I would wish to do this in stata. The challenge here is my multiple select variables are all in one column followed by ones and zero in the various columns how do I split this to simpleu present this

Hi @kimachas
Welcome to the community forum. What you are seeing is the expected behavior. When you have multiple responses say goat, cow, pig. You will have columns for each response i.e. a column for goat, cow, and pig. In each column, you will see 1’s and 0’s . The ones represent when that response option was selected and 0s when it was not. So this should help you understand how to treat the data in Stata.


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Thank you this has been helpful