Navigation pane text

Please help on this issue. How do i make the navigation pane show all text. It currently shows some text. Please there anyway out of this situation.


Welcome back @ayitey7000,

Can you show a screenshot of the navigation pane you are referring to?

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Hello, pls find attached a sample description of the problem.

The size of the pane cannot accommodate long text.

Is there a way out of this

@ayitey7000 For a workaround, you might want to change the appearance of the question to someting else. See this help article “Select One” and “Select Many” question types — KoboToolbox documentation for more information.

Looking at the three lines at the top, you will notice that after tapping on it, then the navigation pane shows up. However it does not display the full text

e.g if the note or heading is RESPONDENT DETAILS

it shows up in the navigation pane as RESPONDENT D…

Please is there a way out to display the full text

Please any help on this issue

@ayitey7000, could you share your survey URL link through a private message so I could also look at it?