New data upload (under repeat function) after redeployment of the form are saved under new sheet during xls download

First: I just want to share this experience of mine and ask for solutions of there are any. After i completed my form and started to populate data on it, sometimes, it cant be avoided that you found something to enhance or add more fields, something like that. After I updated my form and redeployed it and then add new data again. Like for instance, I have already uploaded 5 records into my original form and then add another new 4 records after I updated and redeployed by form. My observation here is that - when I downloaded the data (in xls), the data under “repeat function” from the original and after 2nd deployment are being saved separately or save in separate sheet. My question here is, is there a way to just combine them all even you redeployed your form many times and add new record again after redeployment?

Second: to include the data under repeat function, I need to check “INCLUDE DATA FROM ALL VERSIONS” otherwise, the data under repeat function would not be downloaded

See attached sample download xls data

Hoping to hear any advise on this. Thank you

Hello @jsphrico,
sorry, what you describe is the intended/normal behaviour, based on the form changes you have made.

We suggest strong testing and pre-test before starting data collection, incl. test of data export/transfer.

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