No submission data, after "Form is valid!"

During the day, only the completed forms of some team members were delivered and displayed in the request data. After downloading from the link, a notification appears “Form is valid!”
What could be the reason, I will be grateful for any help?

Hi @shopvaler,

Can you share a screenshot of the problem?

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@hakan_cetinkaya , thank you for your answer.
It s notification appears when the survey is completed

But, after sending, in the “Data” section, new answers are not loaded from some enumerators, although other workers send surveys successfully.


It seems like you are sending the view only option of the form?

Can you check the help article and look at the collection settings? Collecting Data through Web Forms — KoboToolbox documentation

Let’s see if that solves the issue.

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Thanks, I’ll check! But, why can some counters send data using the same link, and some can’t? And, can I not lose the data that is not displayed as submissed?

Hi, most likely they are not using the exact same link.

And no, in the view only mode, you can’t send any data.

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Sorry for the clarifying question, this is very important to me.
and I can’t view the data anywhere? :anguished:

No, it’s still set to “Online-Only (multiple submissions)”((((
I can`t understand :frowning_face:

@shopvaler, it seems like some of your team are using browsers that are not well supported by the system. Maybe you will need to advise them to use modern, updated (to its latest versions) browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. to see how it behaves. Could you try it out and then let us know if this solved your issue?

Ok, ill try, thanks a lot! Please, tell me, can i not lose this data, that was "valid", but not submitted, or i lost it? Its really important now (more than solution with link… :confounded: )

This exact issue is happening for me. I have successfully completed a form and get “Valid” confirmation but no data appears as submitted. Please advise.

Welcome to the community, @lezlie! It seems like you previewed your form instead of filling it out. Would you mind trying to fill it out as outlined in this article Collecting Data through Web Forms to see if you can submit it to the server?