Not able to connect my android device to my account

I am unable to connect my android with toolbox. The following is the error message. The project name “Solarisa 1” is there but the form is now downloaded. What can I do?

Tushaar Shah

@TushaarKOBO, could you also let the community know when do you get this error message i.e. do you get this when trying to submit the data to the server to when trying to do something else?

I got this while trying to get a blank form. The file showed up on the screen. But when I checked the box and clicked ‘get selected’, I got this message.

I got this when I tried to get blank form and then clicked to ‘get selected’. The file showed up on the screen but failed to download.

@TushaarKOBO, could you also share a screenshot of the Server Settings from your collect android app with the community? This should help the community to troubleshoot your issue.

I append the screenshot of the server settings.

Here is the screen shot of server settings.

OK, as a quick check, would you mind downloading your survey form as an XLSForm and then validating it with the online validator to see if the form should have any syntax issues?