Not getting Geo Point in android app

Hello dear all,

I am facing a problem that , my all team members (enumerators) can not get Geo point in their android. someone can get but most of them cant. Please help about this problem.

Hi @shamsur49,

Welcome to the community! Have you tried downloading ActiveGPS from the Play Store and switching it on before collecting your data KoBoCollect android app. It should solve your issue.

But please switch if off once you have collected your data as it should drain your battery if you keep them on while not required.

Have a great day!

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Thanks dear… i will try and let you know progress later


Hello, I have installed ActiveGPS but KoboCollect still can’t find my location, it’s been trying for 2 minutes.

Welcome back to the community @Tracey! Would you mind ensuring that your device has an inbuilt gps feature? It should only boost your gps performance if your device has an inbuilt gps feature.

Yes it does and it is on

Would you also mind testing it in a different device and see if the same happens. Sometimes, it maybe a device defect with the gps.

I will do and I’ll let you know the results

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