OCHA server give error 500

Dear Colleagues,

The Humanitarianresponse.info server is not functioning and gives error (500). We are in the middle of developing forms and collecting data. Would the problem be solved soon?

Same here. Getting Server error (500) while logging in.

It seems we are having the same problem, hopefully the support team will be able to fix it immediately

Hi @rahmat, @Sridhar, @dheniardhian,

Kindly please be informed that this issues has been flagged to our developers and should be resolved shortly.

Have a great day!

Great … thank you for the immediate response @Kal_Lam
Warm regards from Central Sulawesi Indonesia

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Hi @rahmat, @Sridhar, @dheniardhian,

Kindly please be informed that the issue has been solved and you should be able to work back smoothly in the OCHA server. Kindly please confirm!

Have a great day!

Hi @Kal_Lam,

I am still not able to deploy a form. Even the UNARCHIVE option is not working. Would you check please?


Hi @rahmat,

Thank you for letting us know the other issue! Will get back to you shortly!

Have a great day!

Able to login now. But while trying to export data to XLS/CSV giving “Failed to create the export” error.

We believe the problem is now fixed. Please refresh the page and try again, and let us know if you still cannot export. Thank you!