Online-offline form issue

Please help me. I have a problem opening the form created for online-offline submission without internet. The issue arise an hour ago, it was working before.
Thank you!

Hi @anna_sda, Welcome to the community.
Do you use the Kobo app or the browser ?

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Hi! I use the browser

I think it’s the internet issue
In the field, the internet is weak and the browser automatically updated
It is better to run the form and the internet is good and put the page as an icon on the home screen
During field work, it is better to turn off the internet

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Yes, I put the page as an icon on the home screen, but today it does not work. For the last 10 days I have had no problem working the same way.

Can you share a screenshot of the problem?

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I think this form has been archived or deleted
Please check,
Maybe the community has other suggestions

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With an internet connection, it works. I created and manage the platform and the forms are deployed.

@anna_sda, maybe this support article Collecting Data through Web Forms should help you solve your issue.