Only 1 record of 3 is downloaded

A project shows that it has 3 submissions, but when I download it, only 1 record is downloaded. I’m using the server and have tried downloading many times with the same result.

Welcome to the community @jachapman82! Could you kindly share with us a screenshot of the issue you are having. This would help us better understand your issue.

Would you mind opening the xls dataset and see if it has 3 submissions within it. In KoBoToolbox you will see a single download file for a single project. Within this download you shall see different submissions in rows.

It only has 1 record in the csv. I haven’t had this problem in other projects

Would you be able to send me your username and the project name through a private message as outlined here. It would be easy for us to have a closer look at your issue.

Username: xxxxxxx

Project name: Solar Irrigation Baseline Survey


As an advise, would request you not to share your username in the public page. Kindly please share it through the private message. I have also edited your username in the this post.

While having a closer look at your survey project i could see all 3 cases that were recorded. FYI:

Image 1