Options do not show on mobile device but visible in web form

The options on a particular question wont display in the mobile device but are visible on web form.

Hi @delphia_j,

Welcome to the community! Could you share your xlsform with us so that we would be able to test your issue from our end.

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Thanks please see xls form
IYCF_Supervision_Data_Capture_July2019v1.xlsx (74.5 KB)

Hi @delphia_j,

Would you let us know which particular question is not displaying in the mobile device (but is displaying in the web form).

The question 6 options are not displaying in Mobile devices but displays in web format. Thank you

Hi @delphia_j
This has to do with the formula within the constraints.

  1. Check whether the formula within the constraints is broken. Check and see the number of closing brackets after the operative AND confirm

  2. Make the operation shorter thus easier for a phone to execute. Sometimes complex operations are not well executed by some phones.


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Thanks stephanealoo, the xlsform, does not have constraint. What I especially find confounding is that I deployed this tool last month and it worked - I have used this form for more than 18months - only replacing titles or options monthly, In this case, I only changed the title of the form by simply replacing June with July as I have always done in the past months. This is strange to me!

Is the issue that the Q6 options are not appearing (ie empty select list), or that Q6 as a whole is not appearing?

I note that Q6 has an extremely long relevant expression:

((${Supervisor}='502') and (${comm}='1' or ${comm}='2' or ${comm}='3' or ${comm}='4' or ${comm}='5' or ${comm}='6' or ${comm}='7' or ${comm}='8' or ${comm}='9' or ${comm}='10' or ${comm}='11' or ${comm}='12' or ${comm}='13' or ${comm}='14'or ${comm}='15' or ${comm}='16' or ${comm}='17' or ${comm}='18' or ${comm}='19' or ${comm}='20' or ${comm}='21' or ${comm}='22' or ${comm}='23' or ${comm}='24' or ${comm}='25' or ${comm}='26' or ${comm}='27' or ${comm}='28' or ${comm}='29' or ${comm}='30' or ${comm}='31' or ${comm}='32' or ${comm}='33' or ${comm}='34' or ${comm}='35' or ${comm}='36' or ${comm}='37' or ${comm}='38' or ${comm}='39' or ${comm}='40' or ${comm}='41' or ${comm}='42' or ${comm}='43' or ${comm}='44' or ${comm}='45' or ${comm}='46' or ${comm}='47' or ${comm}='48' or ${comm}='49' or ${comm}='50' or ${comm}='51' or ${comm}='52' or ${comm}='53' or ${comm}='54'))

I might suggest something simpler, eg

${Supervisor}=502 and number(${comm})>=1 and number(${comm})<=54

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Hi @delphia_j,

Building on to @stephanealoo, noticed that your xlsform had unnecessary closing brackets for Q6. I too trimmed them taking advice from @Xiphware and reframed your relevant expression as ${Supervisor}=‘502’ and ${comm}>0. You should now be able to see Q6 in KoBoCollect (mobile app) as well. But please note that you will only be able to see Q6 when it satisfies the condition as laid out in the expression revised above.

Please try out the amended xlsform at your end!
IYCF_Supervision_Data_Capture_July2019v1.xlsx (68.4 KB)

Dear Delphia,
I am sorry, but would highly recommend not to share/publish any xls files with peoples/respondent names (as my impression is in your xls choices sheet). Let us use anonymised data even in the community, please.
Kind regards

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Thanks. I appreciate your point. This point is noted

Thanks Xiphware, I appreciate.

Thanks Kal_Lam.
I have tried and it still didn’t work.

Kindly note that originally, Question 6 appears, but the options do not appear.
My challenge is with the options not appearing.

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Hi @delphia_j,

Please note that you will only be able to see Q6 when your Supervisor=‘502’ and comm>0. Have you tried checking the same?

Yes I have. The options are not appearing. The question 6 appears. Its the Options that does not appear

Hi @delphia_j,

I just wanted to share with you a reference of a screenshot at my end. Works smoothly. By the way I am using Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

Besides, also please be informed that i noticed cascading choices has been referenced to two choice list (please check out in choices tab from line number 313 to 1268). Having one would solve the issue at your end too.