Order of rows in questions matrix jumbled


I created a question matrix and for some reason the ordering of my rows keeps getting re-arranged. I’m not how this is happening and unfortunately there is no way to drag them back into place which means i have to rewrite them entirely. Any tips on why this may be happening?

Hi @ghansel,

This support article might be helpful for you. Please have a look at the Question Matrix response type.

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I am also having this issue, and have re-entered my question matrix many times. @Kal_Lam, the help page you linked to doesn’t explain how to resolve the jumbled order of the questions. Does a question matrix not recognize numbers as row names? When I download the XLS form, the rows are in the correct order, but they appear out of order on the form in my browser. Any ideas?

Hi @thoecker
Just to confirm, when you created the matrix, did you download the XLS version of your file and amended it prior outside the platform? If that happened then it could be explaining the issue with the rearrangement. It is not recommended to edit off the formbuilder.


Hi @stephanealoo, thanks for your response. No, the issue appeared before downloading the form or making any edits outside the platform. It has happened previously on other forms, but the matrices were small enough that re-creating them until the order rendered correctly was less of a burden.

I did, though, end up downloading the form and following the tutorials on enketo.org to get the results I was looking for. I can’t edit the matrices on Kobo any more after that, but that’s OK. So, all good!

@ghansel, @thoecker, we have a GitHub issue for this bug, which you should be able to follow here:

I will reach out when the same is resolved.

Hello Kal_Lam,

I hope you are well. I was wondering if you could kindly assist with this challenge am facing about the jumbled-up matrix choices. Let me know.


Welcome to the community, @skamanza! Do you mean you are facing this issue? If yes, maybe you will need to download your survey project as XLSForm and then upload them again.