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When I tried to create a new text question for the “Other” option in multiple selection questions and put a constraint the new question won’t appear unless “Other” selected, I found that it works only if “other” alone is selected, however, if I select different options in addition to “Other” it won’t appear

Maybe you will need to provide more details so that we are able to understand your issue and help yo u out. A dummy question with some dummy choice and your required criteria should help us better understand your issue.

I have a question like what are nationalities of participants? and I give 4 options like Egyptian, British , American and French and a fifth option “Other”. then I followed that with another text question to mention “Other nationalities” in text format and I put a condition that this text question con’t appear unless “Other” option was selected. so when I select “other” only the text question appear, however when I select “Other” in addition to other options , the text question won’t appear.
I need the text question to appear when “other” is chosen alone or with other options

You could do this as outlined in the support article User-Specified “Other” Responses for Multiple-Choice Questions.

Hi @Ahmed.Seliem, I seem to be getting the behaviour you are wanting by doing this (perhaps I’m not understanding your issue):


type name label relevant
select_multiple nationalities nationality Select your nationalities
text nationality_other Something else? selected(${nationality}, ‘other’)


list_name name label
nationalities egyptian Egyptian
nationalities british British
nationalities american American
nationalities french French
nationalities other Other

Many thanks

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