Others Text Issue with Enketo

Problem with Others Text displaying in choice list in Enketo. I have 2 Questions from which if Q2 displays selected list in Q1 but with one change that is instead of Others Specify it displays the text entered in Others Specify. It is working fine in KoboCollect App but problem in Enketo. If you see it does not display anything when you entered anything in Others textbox first then when you go back and just remove the tick of Others and then tick again in S4a only then it displays the Others text in choice list of S4b.
Attaching the Xls form for your reference.
OX -Test1.xlsx (18.8 KB)

@khasaab, as outlined in our previous post, this only works with Collect android app.

It means this is a bug in Enketo will it get rectified we have to use it that way only

Maybe @martijnr would be in the best position to update on this.