Performance problem open survey and submit data

I try to organize a survey to define the time schedule and the planning of agent for one month.

In attach you have my survey . I am not sure that the good way .

May have comments and / or idea

Thank you
Regardstest-25-02.xls (79 KB)

Unfortunately your post is not so clear. Do you mind giving detailed explanation on what you would really like t o do, what challenges you are experiencing, among other.

I wish to plan the schedule activities for one month.

There are 4 groups. Each group have each week the same schedule for example group 1 (saterday -monday= day off ; monday - thursday = 7 AM - 7 PM ; friday = 7 - 12)

group 2 is another schedule, group 3 another schedule … but the same each week.

For each people of the group i need to calculate : 1. the number of working hours per day 2.the number of day (hours) off 3; the number of AM / PM / NIGHT hours 4.d epending on the schedule I have to calculate work premiums

It’s maybe little beat complicate.

Thank you for you remarks