Permission problems after upgrade

after upgrade, we have encountered permission problems.
our users can not access their allowed and assgined forms. they get access denied error.

moreover, in the share this project > permission part, when we give change and delete data permssion. GUI accepts this grant but when we edit permissions, it shows no permission has been given

I have noticed that, this issue occured on a form who has been shared by more than 50 users.
another form who is shared by less than 10 users, has no such permission problems.

Edit: when we delete some of the sharing users, then we have successfully added new permissions. so i think there is user number limit in permissions or on GUI of adding users/permissions

Is there any update here?
Developers, can you recommend a solution/workaround?

Hi @mskaraca

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! The KoBo developers have pin pointed the issue and have resolved it. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing the issue.


Yes it woks !



Hello there! I’m having the same issue here, and also i have a problem when trying to add new permissions to a user, the button “grant permission” is not working, so none of the options i marked previously gets configured to allow the other users access.

Hi @juan.techo,

Would you mind providing us your username, server (OCHA or HHI) and the project name that is having problem so that we could have a look at our end?


Hi, of course. The username which has to add the permission is “encuestasargentina”, the server is and the project name is “Encuesta DyA 2017 - Co/Cha”; and the username that will receive the permission is “cochadya”, the server is and the project name is the same mentioned before.

Good Day

I am experiencing the same problem, I also cannot grant any permissions anymore to surveys to edit them

Hi @sarahthomi,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind sharing with us the phase where you were stuck so that we could have a look at it?


So i wanted to give another account permission to edit the survey data but when I input the correct username and click on grant permission nothing happens

Hi @sarahthomi,

I just tested it out and it should work fine. If you still have an issue could you provide me the user name, project name (you wish to share), user name (for whom you wish to share with) in a private message.



Can you send me a private message so i can respond since I do not find the private message option and the problem still persists.
Thank you.


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Hi @sarahthomi,

You could send me the details in this private message!


Hi @sarahthomi,

Would you mind removing the permissions assigned to a user and then again assign. It should work. I tried both the OCHA server as well as the HHI server and seems working smoothly.


Just locked your post because of the personal identifier information

cc @Kal_Lam @mike.destaubin



Thanks. Any news about the problem?