Please help test Enketo 3.1.0

Thank you to everyone who helped to test Enketo 2.8.1 and get it live to the community! :tada:

We would love your help again to continue testing the latest release of 3.1.0 which contains some bug fixes and general improvements.

:warning: Pay special attention to calculations, validation criteria, and skip logic when testing :warning:

Again, please share your testing results by replying to this post. Even if you find that everything works properly, it’s still helpful for us to know that :ok_hand:

cc. @Kal_Lam, @stephanealoo, @wroos, @nat, @paani, @rahmat, @aamra, @Sjlver, @Rassam, @manu_j, @Rassam


@hakan_cetinkaya, pinging you if you are interested in testing the new version of Enketo.

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I tested a form with the following:

  • Skip logic
  • Regex Validation

All good at my end. :+1:


I’ve tested using one of AMF’s complex forms (Skip logic, formulas, …)

There is no more “Save Draft” button. I guess that’s intended.

There’s a problem with a link that works fine in Kobo Collect, but is not formatted correctly in Enketo. The problem also appears with the old version of Enketo; it isn’t related to the update, but I’d like to point it out nevertheless.

This is the link: [GPS: ${calc_household_lat} / ${calc_household_lon}](${calc_household_lat}%2C${calc_household_lon})

On Kobo Collect, it displays as follows:

On Enketo, this shows as:

Enketo generates the following HTML for the link:

<a href=";query=<span class=" or-output"="" data-value=" /aRJtT8kjdqLyF9e6s8nd67/group_household/calc_household_lat ">
  %2C<span class="or-output" data-value=" /aRJtT8kjdqLyF9e6s8nd67/group_household/calc_household_lon ">30.78590</span>
  " rel="noopener" target="_blank"&gt;GPS:
  <span class="or-output" data-value=" /aRJtT8kjdqLyF9e6s8nd67/group_household/calc_household_lat ">3.39244</span>
  / <span class="or-output" data-value=" /aRJtT8kjdqLyF9e6s8nd67/group_household/calc_household_lon ">30.78590</span>

Finally, one point that is more of a feature request than a bug report:

  • Our form consists of a series of groups. Each group becomes relevant when the previous group has been completed. That way, the form appears piecemeal, and it’s easy to jump to the last edited location using the “Go to end” button in Kobo Collect.
  • When I fill in the last text field in a group, then press TAB, two things happen:
    1. The focus jumps to the “Submit” button (the button just after the last text field)
    2. A new group appears after the last text field (the group has just become relevant).
  • As a user, I now have to scroll backwards to fill in the new group.
  • My desired behavior would be if the focus smartly went to the first of the new fields, that is, the one after the last edited field after the form has changed.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Sjlver, regarding this comment:

There is no more “Save Draft” button. I guess that’s intended.

Are you sure that you were using the offline link? I am still seeing the button on my end.

It also seems that the link formatting issue is currently present in the current version of Enketo and not a new bug introduced. I will create an issue for this, but shouldn’t hold up the upgrade :+1:

Regarding your feature request, can you please create an issue on GitHub here for it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah… probably that’s the reason. Thanks!

I will create an issue for this, but shouldn’t hold up the upgrade :+1:


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Dear @Josh,
what is your planned deadline for our testing, please?

I have tested enketo v 3.1.0 with a form hosted on, the form contains:

  • complex skip logic
  • calculations
  • preloaded csv data

And it seems working as expected.
I’ll try test it intensively on my laptop with other forms to make sure it’s working perfectly, because I tested it on my mobile phone.

Using offline_url Save draft button is displayed, but the Save draft button disappeared when I used first url in the table of test links.


Hi all,

I tried some cascading questions, repeating group, if functions, sum functions, notes to display sums, and a geopoint question.

There are two things I would like to mention about geopoint question type, tested in laptop.

  • The search bar in the geopoint question doesn’t seem to work.
  • In the current version, when a location is clicked, it zooms in to that point,
    In the test version when a location is clicked, it zooms out to fit whole world map.

tested in each url.

Don’t know if it’s a beta issue or not. Wanted to mention it.


Tested with cascading questions. Works.
Tested with repeating groups. Works.


Hello @Josh,
we cannot open forms with the link. Any advice, please?

Unfortunately, that is all we get (with Firefox, OCHA and different forms).

Hi @wroos are you saying that the links aren’t being generated for you like this?

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Hi @Josh,
sorry, I didn’t understand that we must use the form url inside the KoBo account, instead of the “copy link” option.

Hi @hakan_cetinkaya, thank you for noting the location search issue for geo questions, that has now been resolved — it was just a configuration issue on the testing instance.

Regarding your second point:

In the current version, when a location is clicked, it zooms in to that point,
In the test version when a location is clicked, it zooms out to fit whole world map.

I seem to be getting the same behaviour (zooming out on click) for both the current version in production (2.8.1) and the testing one (3.1.0). Would you mind please sharing your XLSForm so I can try replicating your observation?

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Hi @Josh,
first tests ok (with Firefox), including “All Widgets” and some matrices.
Two minor findings, but not caused by your update::

  1. Layout issue (same in ODK Online validator) for select_one with likert appearance


If you move out the cursor, the layout corners get white:

  1. GPS geopoint widget: Ok, difference to ODK Online validator

Search place is working in Enketo (and KoBo Preview)

Search NOT working in ODK Online validator - Preview
Nothing happens here.

As far as possible, the Online validator should not behave differently to KoBo Enketo, as the Online validator is often referenced in the forum as a main test tool for form development.

  1. Print not showing **Required symbol *** (except acknowledge type)
    Same problem in ODK Online validator.

See See GitHub link there.


PDF print

This is a bug reported 02/2020. There are two GitHub entries, but both “closed”.

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Hi @Josh,

This issue might not be related to release 3.1.0, consider splitting to another topic if needed.

I tested a bit more after what you wrote. It seems I always write something in the search bar, so my assumption was the map zooms in when clicked on anywhere. But it seems there are two different behaviours in reality, here is how to achieve each one:

Behaviour 1: Zoom in when clicked
STEP 0: Refresh the page / open for the first time.
STEP 1: Write something in the search bar. (Let’s say Vancouver)
STEP 2: Click on anywhere.
STEP 3: The map zooms in.
This behaviour becomes the main behaviour even if you zoom out, write something else etc.

Behaviour 2: Zoom out when clicked
STEP 0: Refresh the page / open for the first time.
STEP 1: Don’t write anything in the search bar.
STEP 2: Zoom in.
STEP 3: Click on anywhere.
STEP 4: The map zooms out.

Here is a simple geopoint question if anybody wants to test it:

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Hi @wroos, thank you for your testing! Regarding the point above, if you are referring to searching for geo questions, note that the the ODK validator likely does not have geocoding configured and therefore is unable to resolve the search. It will be up to the ODK team to configure this.

I can’t comment on why those PDF issues are being closed but they are at least aware of it.

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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya, thank you for the replication steps and it seems the behaviour is the same for both 2.8.1 and 3.1.0 — although this is likely still worth creating a GitHub issue about.

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Thanks, @Josh!
Who might answer this question, please? And we would appreciate that this bug is adressed, please. It should be possible as it is working for acknowledge type (so probably NOT a browser issue).

I tested a form which contained :

Skip logic
Validation constraints
Repeat loop

Form is working as intended. All good. :+1:t2:


While the bug was indeed closed on the old kobotoolbox/enketo-express repository, that was only because it was moved (recreated) in the new repository: asterisk * not shown on printout · Issue #130 · enketo/enketo-express · GitHub. That bug remains open. If you have a GitHub account, I’d suggest commenting there to see if anyone has free time or a labor budget that they could invest into solving this problem. Thanks for testing, and I’m sorry this has been a problem for so long.

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