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I would like to use KoboToolbox for class observations. The observer should complete a main questionnaire during the session and also shorter questionnaire blocks that should pop-up periodically. Is it possible to implement that?

Hi @jmarinoh,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind explaining us more about the shorter questionnaire blocks that pop-up you have mentioned in your post so that we would be able to best respond to your query.

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Thank you for your reply.

The point is we want to use KoBo for class observations. In this setting, we need the observer to open a session when the class begins so he can start to register what happens in the class introduction, how the teacher manages the students, what subjects are treated, etc. On top of that, periodically, say precisely every 4 minutes, he has to register what the teacher is doing at that moment (by selecting an option from a list), and, every 5 minutes, what the students are doing (again with options from lists). It is these questions that have to be answered periodically, that we need to pop-up at the right moment and then close, so the observer can continue with the main questionnaire.

I hope this is clear. Please let me know if you have more questions.


Julián Mariño

Hi @jmarinoh,

Sorry to inform you that KoBoToolbox does not support this feature where a question is poped up in an interval of every 4/5 minutes that you are able to fill and then continue back to the main questions (that you had been filling previously).

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