Populating listing of registered cases in a child form from a parent form with dynamic attachment

Dear Community,

I am building case management forms; a child form which will put data from a parent form. The parent form collects data of patients according to districts. In the child form to be used by care givers different from those that registered patients with the parent form.

Is it possible to get an expression in the child xls form that will list all patients registered in the parent form when I select a district in the child form.
I will be grateful for help from this community.

Do you mean you want to use the cascading feature along with the dynamic data?

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Yes, that’s right. Cascading from region, to district, then to individual patients’ list.
I’m most grateful.

@Adom, please be informed that the dynamic data attachment feature is alike the pulldata function that will extract information when an identifier variable is matched. Hence I don’t think what you have wished for could be achieved. But our community should also have some workarounds or trigger some idea where we could play around and then achieve it. Thus, am keeping this post open for the community to chime in.

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I’ll be very grateful more ideas from the community.
Thank you

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