Pre-load forms for specific users?

I apologize in advance if this has been asked already, but I wasn’t able to find a similar topic in the forums.

For our field project, we would need to have a consistent survey form across all field interviewers, but each individual record would need to have some demographic information (name, address, etc.) pre-filled. We would also need to adjust permissions so that the interviewers only see the records that have been assigned to them.

Is this possible with KoboToolbox? If so, are there any support articles that establish this process that I may have missed?

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Hi @ajackson,

Welcome to the community! Are you seeking for something like pull-data functionality in KoBoToolbox. If yes, please have a look to our support article here.

Additionally you could also have a look here to see for a suitable example that has been discussed earlier.

Have a great day!

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