Preview option gives error "cannot find media file"

hello! I have tried all suggestion given here. nothing is working for me.
My previous form was working fine with the pulldata from media file. Somehow the preview started giving error cannot find “testing2.cvs”
(testing=cvs file)
I developed new form, changed the cvs file name, same error. cannot find “pulldata.cvs”
(pulldata=cvs file)

Please help

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Hi @arisan91, i believe you add the csv file as media and re-deploy the form?

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Thank you for the quick reply. I did but it didn’t work. So I developed a new form. I didnot deploy the new form as I wanted to make sure it works perfectly before I deploy it. It is giving the same prompt when I preview it.

can you share the xls form? so i can quickly review?

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How do I share. I tired in the first post and it says new users cannot upolad.

I don’t remember what was the rule to share the file to be honest. It might be duration or total number of message

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@arisan91, you should now be able to share your XLSForm with the community. Please don’t miss to share your CSV file too. Sometimes, it could be a CSV formatting issue.

thank you.
@osmanburcu here are the files. Please check.
form testing 2.xlsx (55.2 KB)
and the CVS
testing2.csv (15.2 KB)

Dear @arisan91 ,

I reviewed your CSV and Form, i only saw a problem with your CSV file. there is one column without name and empty cells so it is confusing the Kobo, I deleted the all columns and uploaded the file and form. It works perfectly! Here the example: Enketo Express for KoboToolbox

here is your forms back:
form testing 2.xlsx (55.3 KB)
testing2.csv (13.9 KB)

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@osmanburcu Thank you very much for the help. I can see it is working though I am still not able to catch the “column without name and empty cells” in the file I shared.

Also, a small problem still exits. It is not pulling the school _Id.

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Hi first of all, i was not able to catch the same empty cells issue, but when i deleted the rest of the columns, it solved the problem. So i suggest to delete the columns after “E” column.

Second, regarding to school_id, You missing the the “l” in the school, if you revise it, it will work. you can see it the the form i shared above. pulldata(“testing2”,School_ID,“schoolid”,${schoolid})

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Ah…Thanks alot. Really appreciate your help.

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@osmanburcu, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: