Problem haas my acount

hi friends i have a big problem my account has said not found all my information data please help me

Hello @abdi123 and welcome to the community!

Can you make sure that you are using the server that you’ve created your account? Kobo has 2 public servers, most of the time the account issues are related to picking the wrong server.

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@abdi123, as outlined by @hakan_cetinkaya, there are two servers (non-humanitarian server and humanitarian server) for KoboToolbox. If you have an account on one of the servers and try to log in to your account through the link for the other server, you cannot log in. So you’ll need to log in with the right link.

For the non-humanitarian account, try login through this link

For the humanitarian account, try login through this link

If you have password-related issues, feel free to reach us through

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