Problem in uploading image while filling form

Hi, I am getting problem in uploading image while filling kobo form, i have attached photo down here, check once

my photo details are as follows

i have already set the image parameters to max-pixels=1280

I just made a check at my end and was able to upload the image to the KoBoToolbox server through both the approach:

  • Take Picture
  • Choose Image

Would you mind trying it in a fresh (new) project and see if it works at your end. Besides, would you also mind letting us know the KoBoCollect android app version you are using at the moment?

I meant the version of your KoBoCollect android app. I tested this on v1.27.3


thank you Kal_lam

problem is solved, sometimes may be due to some network issues, i get problem to upload, i checked, now its working

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Thank you for confirming!