Problem pulling data

Hello all,

I have a problem with pulling data “preload data to my form” using pull data function.

The thing here that my form is quit big and needs so much data entry, so I started to use the pulldata function to save time entering or editing some existed data.

I have pulledmost of the form’s data based on a primary key that I’ve made, but I have faced a problem with pulling the “select many” data since it is existed on many columns in the exported excel file, I have pulled the -select one- normaly and it worked once entering the prim key it is filled in the form as a picked choice, but I cant do the same fr the select many since each choice has a seperated column in tr excel file
I hope if anyone here can assest me with this issue
Ps: you know using the csv attached file.

Thanks in advance

Welcome back to the community forum. Unfortunately the pull data would not work well with your multiple select items unless you restructure your form differently. Considering that you have this appearing as columns, you may want to think about setting the multiple response to be multiple questions with yes(1)/no (0) options which you can pull based on the existing columns (in csv).


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