Problem viewing submissions

When pressing the eye button on table report to view submissions it just opens a blank page. I think there is a bug with eye button - can anyone clarify?

Welcome back to the community, @fmi! Could you also share a screenshot with the community? It would also be helpful if you let us know the server that is having this issue.

thanks @Kal_Lam

It is the humanitarian server.

I have attached a picture but it is just a blank page that appears.

@fmi, would you provide me with the following information through a private message so that I could have a closer look at it:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server (OCHA)

@fmi, i am able to view your table without any issue:

Does it work if you use the eye icon to view submissions? That is where we start having issues

@fmi, I could observe that it was a project shared with you by the admin. As a quick check, would you mind downloading the project as an XLSForm and then try uploading the same to your account? Maybe make some dummy entries and see if you are able to open the submissions by pressing the eye-like open button?

Sorry for the delay!

I downloaded the project and made dummy entries and the eye icon opens the submissions fine. Does this mean there is a corruption in the original form? I have a few forms that have this issue…

Does it also mean that we need to create a new form? How can we transfer the existing submissions to it?

Many thanks for your support!

As a quick check could you do the following to ensure where the issue is from:

  • Ask your admin to view the submissions by pressing the eye-like open button to see if he/she is able to view it?
  • Also ask your admin to remove the sharing permission that has been assigned to your account and reassign it back. Once done you could check if you are able to view the submission by pressing the eye-like open button to see what happens?

Please let us know on what happens.

Dear Kal,

Yes still same issue for admin and other users of the form, regardless of change in permissions.

Did you try out both the approaces?

yes, still does not work.

OK will have a look and let you know.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Any update on this? It now seems to be working on some submissions but not others. This is an issue over multiple forms.

Best wishes,

@fmi, is your admin also having the same issue, or is it only at your end now?

@fmi May I ask you another thing?

  • Did you or admin changed any part of the form and redeployed?
  • Do you have repeating questions in your form?


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Hi @Kal_Lam and @hakan_cetinkaya,

It remains an issue for the admin, myself (as the specific project manager for this form) and all users regardless of permissions. Strangely now the very latest submission is viewable but when clicking on the rest it just goes to the blank page.

We have several versions of the form - shall we try redeploy the form again? And yes we also have repeating questions in the form.

Many thanks to both of you!


@fmi, could you share a sample of the _id of the submissions that have issues and those that do not have an issue viewing?

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Did one of the versions include change in any calculation type question, regarding a data from repeat questions?

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No they are repeat questions of a files question. We do not have calculate questions in the form. We do have matrix tables which I know sometimes causes issues?