Problem with image from external server

Hi, I have a problem, when I go to create an img tag with the link to an image of one of my projects the system answers me “not shared”, how can I solve the problem?

Hi @Greatwolf,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind sharing us the steps you followed and also attaching the screenshot of the error message you are seeing.

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Good morning and thanks for the reply. The steps that I carry out are the following:

  1. I make a GET call to this address: {“village”: “???”} where ??? is the name of the village,

  2. I recover the data I need including the path of the images in attachements

  3. I insert the path of the image in a tag htm

  4. if logged in kobotool the image is displayed if NOT LOGGED the image is not displayed and if I enter the path of the image in the browser the answer is “not shared”

Hi @Greatwolf,

Would you mind trying the same making your data public as outlined in the discussion that has been discussed earlier:

Have a great day!

The procedure indicated involves using a user who can log in to the kobotoolbox platform and if logged in the link to the images, is it not having the same functionality without logging in? Is it possible to have an API where to insert user and passwordfed to have an image reachable from another website without having to be logged in?

Hi @Greatwolf

You have to make your data publicly avaialable to do this as @Kal_Lam indicated


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