Problem with including responses inside another question

Hello! I’m building a form in wich i need to know how many people from the question before were counted. More specificly : first question is abuot what’s the nationality of the workers? (respons is “select many”)
and the second question is: How many workers of that specific nationality was contacted? (preferibly i would like to have a numeric answer “123” but “abc” is allso an option)
At this point i not even shure if “including responses inside another question” is the best option for this kind of question…
thanx a lot to whom is going to answer!

Hi @eqality_padova1 and welcome to the community!

I would suggest a more direct approach to your question, thinking about data-cleaning afterwards.

I think creating individual questions for each nationality would solve your problem. You can hide the irrevelant questions by adding skip-logic: Adding Skip Logic — KoboToolbox documentation

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@eqality_padova1, maybe this post discussed previously should also solve your issue: