Problem with PullData Function

Hi everyone,

I need your help to solve a problem with Pulldata function.

pulldata(‘localite’, ‘code_f’, ‘n_localite’, ${localite})

Screenshot of the csv file is provided below.
I would like to get the ''code_f" of “n_localite”. My problem is as followed :
The “n_localite” has sometimes the same value repeated but other fields of the csv file are different.
While using the above function I get the “code_f” value of the first “n_localite” even if it isn’t the one I am looking for.

It seems like the pulldata function only pulls the first matching row.
Is it possible to use two columns instead of one to check for matching?

I will appreciate your contribution to help me solve the problem.localites

Welcome to the community, @i_ousmane! The n_localite should have a unique value. If it has a repeated value it should not work as expected. In your case I see repeated values.

I find a solution to my problem by creating a new column in the csv file. This new column is the concatenation of “n_com” and “n_localite” so that the new column will have unique values.

Thank you all.

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Yes, maybe that could be an option to have a unique value. Thank you for sharing this with the entire community. The community should benefit from the response you provided.

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