Problem with variable name and value when downloading data in XLS form

Dear concern, greetings of the day!
When I want to download data in XSL form, whatever I select in Value and header format , the XSL file has been downloaded in value (code) for some variables like [location name (State, Province, Division), type of health facility etc. ]. Actually I need to download the XLS file with ‘label::English (en)’ of some variables as I mentioned,

Would you please guide me in this regards.


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@reajkhan, could you share with the community a screenshot of what you are currently receiving? Maybe that should also help the community to understand your issue pictorially.

Please see the screenshots, I want to download data as value label , however whatever I select “English (en)” or “XML values and headers” during download XLS files, it shows only values (highlighted in yellow).

@reajkhan, would you mind download your XLSForm and share with the community the screenshots of the labels used for the district, upajila and facility too?

Thanks for your kind concern… here it is…

Seems like you added the division, district and upazila over time.