Problems with Enketo


I have generated an Xlsform form, in that form there is a question that must select an establishment, but to select that establishment I first uploaded a CSV file with the list of establishments to Configuration-Media, the point is that in that selection question it is Show as a response the list of options of establishments that are in the CSV file, the problem is that in the kobocollect application that I use on my android it works perfectly for me but when using it in enketo it does not display the list of establishments.

I would like to know why this is happening, why my xlsform works perfectly in my android application but not in enketo.

Hi @steffingarcia
Welcome to the community forum. Do you mind sharing the screenshots of the different behaviours you have indicated to make us understand. Could you also provide the XLSForm that you you are using?



I am sending you the xlsform that I am using and the screenshots of both enketo and my kobocollect android application

Imagen de la aplicación kobocollect

enketo image

I can’t send my xlsfor I get this message:

“Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

Could you try uploading again?

Alojamiento.xlsx (20.9 KB)

establecimientos.csv (118.5 KB)

HELLO I send you the xlsform and I also sent you the csv file that contains the list of the establishments (in this file are the general data of the establishments), which must be uploaded in Configuration-media

Hi @steffingarcia
The search function within appearance works on the collect app as opposed to the Enketo. This is a known issue which is documented within the following Github topic below


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