Pull data from a project form question

Hello, im trying to use the following function to get data from another form: pulldata(‘linked_unique_form_id’,‘NombreCompleto’,‘identificacion’, ${IdEncargado} )
but is not working. I dont know whats the unique form id in Kobocollect to make this function work, i tried looking to see if there are unique IDs for each form but i dont see it, i also discovered theres a way to do this by connecting projects but i honestly dont know how that works, any help with this will be appreciated, thanks

@eandrade, if you have missed this support article Pull Data Functionality in KoboToolbox before. It should guide you create a pulldata function for your project.

Yes i checked that, but its showing how to get data from a CSV file, but im trying to get data from the answer from another form. Do you know how its done in Kobo?

Could you explain more on this …

But when looking at your first post, it seems that you are tyring to use the pulldata function:

pulldata(‘linked_unique_form_id’,‘NombreCompleto’,‘identificacion’, ${IdEncargado} )

Yes, i used to create forms on a different service other thank kobo, and that function allowed me to pull data from the answers from another form using a unique ID for another specific form (similiar to dynamic data attachments here in Kobo) but this type of pulldata function is not working for me in Kobo. was wondering if i can still use the pull data function to get data from the answers from another form ( its easier for me) or the only way to do it its with the dynamic data connection using xml external

@eandrade, you should be able to do this in KoboToolbox through the `dynamic data attachment feature as outlined in the support article: