Pull data using Briefcase / humanitarianresponse.info ?

Hi all,

I’m having trouble pulling forms using briefcase (1.4.5, latest version) from humanitarianresponse.info. I keep getting FAILED, with following details:

Fetching form definition

resolving against briefcase form definitions

Fetching form manifest

preparing to retrieve instance data

retrieving next chunk of instances from server…

NOT ALL SUBMISSIONS RETRIEVED: Error fetching list of submissions: Fetch of submission download chunk failed. Detailed error: FORBIDDEN (403) while accessing: https://kc.humanitarianresponse.info/franck26/view/submissionList?formId=encryptedForm2&cursor=&numEntries=100

Please verify that the URL, your user credentials and your permissions are all correct.


So it does seem to get the form definition (I can actually check the XML in the Briefcase storage). If I check the provided address for the request I get:

I only found FormHub’s page on using briefcase (http://blog.formhub.org/2013/06/27/formhub-supports-odk-briefcase/), but it doesn’t offer much help. I could pull from Aggregate no problem for those same forms. The specific form shown here is encrypted, however I have also an unencrypted form, which leads to the same result.

The address is connects to is good (since I do get the form definition list), & credentials seem good as well (I tried deliberately entered wrong credential, but then Briefcase just wouldn’t connect).