Pull data with iteration

Hi folks.

Would like to seek help on the following:

I need to consolidate the entries of a survey I created for a certain neighborhood.
I created 2 forms, unit owners and unit tenants. It has the following details:
Bldg #
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name

Each tenant/owner will fill up a form.

Using pull data, I want to come up with a new form per bldg# combining all those who filled up the forms with a segregation of the owners and tenants. I can pull entries from one form but I cannot figure out how to iterate in all the submissions.

Thank you for your time

Welcome to the community, @gunslinger! Seems like you have 2 survey forms (Tenant and Owner) that aim to capture the First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Gender. If this is the case, maybe you could add a variable at the top that could capture the respondent type coded as Tenant and Owner. Doing so, you should not be requiring 2 survey projects. You could handle everything through a same survey project.

But maybe the community should have better suggestions for you regarding the same.

Thank you. I would have done that if I had known I will have to create a report too… Now, I have to figure out how to make it work without changing the forms.