Pulldata does not work

i am trying to pull data from a CVS file named


I put the this command in the calculation column

pulldata(‘StdBazGP22_1’, ‘ClusterID’, ‘ID’, ${IDNumber})


StdBazGP22_1’ = CVS file

ClusterID = the variable I want to pull

ID= the keywariable

IDNumber= the name of the question variable in the XLS form

Expected behavior = pulls the variable from the CVS file

I get this error:

  • CSV column heading “” cannot be turned into a valid XML element

There are no spaces or special characters in the column heading. I even eliminated all other variables except the two mentioned above.

Still will not work.

@timotuck, could you also share the CSV file with the community? The community should also be able to help you identify the issue if it’s related to the same.

StD_Surv_8_16_22_pULL.xlsx (119.0 KB)
StdBazGP22_1.csv (175.7 KB)

So this means no one uses pulldata?

Well, I see that either no one is interested in this topic or no one can solve it. Might be of interest to know that I ran it on Ona.io and it works fine.

@timotuck, I see that there should be syntax issues in your XLSForm. These are the issues I found:

  • Variable names missing (highlighted in yellow).
  • Wrong use of label:language. Should be label::language

Here is the working XLSForm and the CSV file I tested at my end.


StD_Surv_8_16_22_pULL.xlsx (94.4 KB)

CSV File:

StdBazGP22_1.csv (9.0 KB)

Maybe going through this document should also be helpful for you to understand how to create your survey form in the XLSForm.

FYR: Form working in Enketo