PullData Error2

Please help me, I’ve tried several ways to apply the pulldata function and without success. I even created a new file to apply it again and still couldn’t!.

I will upload the files below for you to help me analyze the problem.
BD_FADA.csv (614 Bytes)
Project.xlsx (6.2 KB)

@martinhocatumbela, I see two issues here in your XLSForm.

  • You have put the pulldata function under the constraint column header instead of the calculation column header.
  • You have used " instead of using ' in your pulldata function. I mean, it should be pulldata('BD_FADA','ID_ACESS','ID_ACESS',${id}) instead of pulldata("BD_FADA","ID_ACESS","ID_ACESS",${id}).

Make these corrections to your XLSForm and that should help you solve your issue. You should also be able to learn more about the pulldata function through this support article Pull Data Functionality in KoboToolbox.

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I made the corrections mentioned above and it didn’t work, there must be another problem because I’ve already done questionnaires as above and pulled the values normally, if you want I can share with you other projects where my approach worked without any problems!

Could you test it for me please?

Regarding Constraint, there is no problem using a PullData in Constraint because I want to restrict access to data through information contained in an external file, perhaps it is new to you but it works, I have already tested it on previous projects.

But I followed your instructions and I will send the 2 files with the necessary corrections.

And is there a way in a text field to obtain a numerical answer calculated taking into account the values in the field above?