Pulldata function: Kobocollect no work

the pulldata function of preloaded information works in the Kobotoolbox environment but when I use it in Kobocollect the preloaded information does not work.
What is going on?

Welcome to the community, @Alejandro1! Could you also share your CSV file with the community? Maybe the community could see if there are any formatting issues that has restricted loading the data from the CSV file to your Collect Android App?

Here this file:
data.csv (480 Bytes)

This CSV file is using semi-colons (‘;’) instead of commas (‘,’). Also, it looks like the very last row is missing a semi-colon. Is this file generated?

@Alejandro1, the problem is with your CSV file format. FYR:

Try following this post discussed previously and it should help you solve your issue: