Pulldata not working


Thanks for working out. I see that at your Enekto it is working!

I just have tried it myself in the preview on the kobotoolbox server, and unfortunately I receive this:

where information in the CSV is not showing (“still in box”). I think the problem no longer is in the XLS form, but in the ODK online…strange. Is that possible?

Anyway, thanks for all the help. I appreciate it!

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Hi @Webex
Have you tried this when you have deployed? What you have is on the preview, can you try the deployed version.


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Dear all,
This time, after deployment, the XLS form worked! Thanks for/to all your advises! I learned a lot working on this XLS form.

I have two last questions:

  1. If you haven’t deployed the form yet, the preview gives the ODK form of the last deployed form?
  2. in Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox — KoBoToolbox documentation, ${StaffID)} is in the pulldata function TEXT to Check for that is stored in the unique name in row 10.
    When you look my XLS form in that section,

I refer to monolith_name. I saved in that unique name the label of the selected choice (for example “20”) using jr:(choice-name($monolith,'${monolith} instead of the unique name digit (for example “1”, which corresponds to label “20”); see image:

Image 2

Is it correct to assume, that despite that the label is saved in that unique name of monolith_name (thus “20” instead “1”), the unique name selected with select_one monolith_code (thus “1”) is used to look for a match in monolith_key (i.e. name “1”)? or is it vice versa?

The choice of storing the label instead of the unique name is causing some confusing for me.
Hopefully can you clarify this for me.

Once again, I really appreciate your assistance!

Hi @Webex
Looking at your questions, see the responses below

The preview while editing should be the one you have on the screen (even if not deployed). The only issue is that pull data updates appear when you have deployed.

It is the vice versa; 20 will be used for the search

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