Pulldata using Barcode Reader

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My congratuations for this Kobotoolbox Community. This it´s Great.

I recently make a survey that use pulldata using Barcode Reader and works fine.
But if i want to edit any data of the survey, i can’t.

Can you please give me an advice how can i edit a survey, when i use Pulldata.

I’m attaching the error message: (It’s in Spanish)

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@galel7 please can you share a sample of your pulldata xlsform code? im struggling with producing a form that uses pulldata to verifty ID numbers from barcode.

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You seem to be using pull data on KoBoCollect and then trying to edit it on Enketo. You should know, as indicated in the article, pulldata does not work on Enketo. As such that is why you see the error when you try editing on Enketo.


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