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Dear All,

I have a dynamic child form linked to a parent form, with a unique identifier id per enumerator in the parent form data.

Each time I try pulling an Enumerators’ data into the child form using the unique id, it returns blank unless i use the unique id of the last Enumerator registered on the parent form.

What could be wrong? Why does it see only the last data?

Urgent help needed please.

Thank you

Dear Community, I believe I’ve found the problem and the solution.

I opened the parent form data in table format and I saw the last ID standing alone in one column, away from all other IDs. So I decided to edit a few of the previous data entries and those IDs got duplicated in the same column where the last ID was and the child form could now pull their data.

Suspected Problem: change in either the label or name or both of the ID field in the parent form, which makes the new or last data to be positioned in a new column. Downloading the form data in xls form did not reveal this, because I used the latest xls file import to pick the names of the fields to use, based on the data within them, there was no separation of the last data ID from the others.

See attached picture from the data table showing the few IDs that has moved after editing the data

@elvis_pooplogg, maybe you will also need to check the identifier by downloading your XLSForm and the dataset to be more sure.


The identifiers are unique. The downloaded data clearly shows each unique repeat data all intact as filled in and submitted. No missing data.

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@elvis_pooplogg, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: