QR Code Generation to view Submissions

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone can help regarding a QR Code issue.

I would like to generate a QR Code that presents a list of previous variables that have been submitted through a previous form.

The QR code would be generated after each form submission, one QR code per one form entry.

Is this even possible through ODK/Kobo?

Any thoughts let me know, thanks!

Welcome to the community, @jhenderson93! Would you mind explaining this in more detail:

Many thanks!

Sorry for not being clear.

I am wondering if it is possible to generate a QR code after a section of a form has been completed which is effectively a link that will present that section submission.

The real life example is that the Truck Driver delivering water will complete the form (being asked about treatment of the water, when it was treated, how much was treated and capacity of the truck). After the truck driver submits this, I would like it to generate a QR code. This QR code would then be scanned by beneficiaries to view the data about the truck in order to understand the safety of the water being delivered.

Not sure this is possible, but open to suggestions anyway!


@jhenderson93, unfortunately, this is not possible within the system.