Question does not reflect to XLS database

Dear Friend,
I added couple questions to my exist project survey one month ago. Today i noticed that added questions are not refllected on XLS file of my project but i can see on the survey as filled.
So can you help me how can i fix this problem Im using humanitarian server. When i download as xls legacy version i can see that question is filled.
You can see the images for problem.


Hello @emreozkan90,
would you mind, please:

  • sharing the related part of your form
  • try to download as XLSX (XML Headers and Values)?

Previously submitted data will not be adapted as new variables, but will have empty values. Except if you do modal data/case editing on server level using the new (deployed) form.

Best to avoid changing form during data collection and do extended testing and pre-test before filed work…

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Thank you @wroos
I tried what you said but it does not work. I can not see questions in XLS file. Only i can see in XLS Legacy version.
I generally dont update my projects but it was required from the management that why i had to.
So what should i do right now? How can i reflect my questions to XLS data? @Kal_Lam

would you mind, please:

  • sharing the related part of your form (XLSX format)
  • and your (advanced) option settings for your Excel export (screenshot?) ?

Did you try the normal XLSX download with the (advanced) option date and numbers as text?

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Hello @wroos
I checked advance setting and it works thank you so much for your great help.
I can’t tell you how much trouble you saved me from.
Thank you

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Good to hear @emreozkan90,
To understand better the cause of the problem in general for the community, would you mind, please:

This would allow to reproduce and check the problem.

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