Question with five short-text answers

Is there a way to make a question with a limited number of short-text answers? (First post, newbie - hope I’m posting the right place and all…)

Welcome to the community, @esonntag! Do you mean as follows:

Suppose you have a text question, What are your hobbies?. Now you expect the user to provide only 5 responses (instead of having a single open paragraph) that could be as follows:

  • I like swimming.
  • I like traveling.
  • I like reading novels.
  • I like hanging out with friends.
  • I like trekking.

Is this what you are trying to refer to?

Yes @Kal_Lam , exactly. Actually I now find that it looks good enough with a note and then 5 text questions, but if there’s a more elegant solution I’m still interested.

The best option would be the one you say as having a note question followed by 5 text questions. Maybe it should see something as follows:

Q. What are your hobbies? [note question]
… option 1 [text question]
… option 2 [text question]
… option 3 [text question]
… option 4 [text question]
… option 5 [text question]

Or the other option would be to keep the text question within a repeat group so that you should be able to repeat the response as needed. Or even use the repeat count to have the exact number of repeats for the question.

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Thanks @Kal_Lam

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