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I am a novice and I am preparing a questionnaire at the household level. each household an identification code. I have a total of 5000 households and I would like from the questionnaire inserted the code and automatically have the name of the head of the household
Example: House code: CI0002 Responsible household name: FRANCK CISSE. I insert in the question that it is the code of the household and when we insert the code we are told automatically that it is the Code of Mr FRANCK CISSEE

You can use a cascading select to accomplish something similar, but not exactly, what you want. Cascading select will filter a series of choices by some criteria. You can use the HH ID to filter the list of HH names. First you will have the user input the HH ID. Then you will have a “select_one” type for the responsible household name. The choices sheet will have ALL HH names on it, but will also include a matching HH ID (in a new column). You will then filter the “select_one” question with a “choice-filter” that looks something like ${hhid} = hhid_name.

The end result is that, after entering a valid HHID, there will be exactly one available choice that can fill the select_one question. Hope that helps!

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Hi @Gnahoure,

Looking at your requirement of 5000 households, i would suggest you to use the pull data function. Kindly refer to the support article for pull data function:

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Hi @Kal_Lam,
I don’t use never pull data on redaction of question please give me a links for to try of to use